Bitcoin owners who are rich around the world

The Bitcoin is a digital currency or virtual currency and they are secured by cryptography. The value and power of the Bitcoin are ever-increasing and there are several advantages to making use of cryptocurrency.

The transaction of cryptocurrency is very much safe and they are decentralized by the network called blockchain technology.

This makes it impossible to counterfeit money. In recent technology, you can make use of Bitcoin to purchase through the online source and within a few years, most of the eCommerce websites will start accepting the Bitcoin directly as payment.

The game-changing cryptocurrency has created such a diverse and surprising field for the millionaires. Here is some of the richest Bitcoin owner is mentioned below:

Roger Ver

The Roger Ver is also known as the Jesus for Bitcoin and he is the one who is the first Bitcoin billionaire and it is believed to hold or held at least 100,000 Bitcoin with him. There are so many crypto billionaires who are throwing most of their cash in the private islands or the luxury jets but the Ver’s dream is to create their own libertarian nation where each individual is the absolute owner of their own life.

Bitcoin owners


Silbert is the founder of the digital currency group and he was one of the earlier adopters of Bitcoin. He was also said to be the richest owner of Bitcoin who has earned a lot.

Satoshi Nakamoto

The Satoshi was well known and he was considered to be the mysterious creator of the Bitcoin. He has an important role in the richest cryptocurrency investor and he earned several Bitcoin and it is estimated at around 1.1 million based on the earlier mining that he did.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie is one of the young richest Bitcoin owners and he had purchased most of the Bitcoin while it was trading at 3-4 dollars. Later he also bought another batch of hundreds of Bitcoin when it was trading at just 20 dollars. With this, by the end of December 2014, he starts up the Intellects Capital a company that sells the portfolio in the companies of the blockchain.


Final thoughts

To start earning the Bitcoin you can make use of the software to build your portfolio or the mining service. The value of Bitcoin as growing from the past till now and most of the online retailing websites are integrating with Bitcoin as one of their payment modes in the upcoming years.